i. All visitors wishing to come for tourist purposes are required to apply for ordinary visa EXCEPT American nationals (USA Passport holders) who are required to apply for Multiple Visa;
ii. If an applicant wishes to visit both Tanzania Mainland and Zanzibar, he/she is advised to select his first destination while filling the form
iii. The nearby Embassy is regarded as the Embassy closest to where the applicant is while applying for Visa, and If required, the applicant may be called to appear physically to that Embassy for interview;
iv. Every Passport holder is required to have his/her own Visa application submitted.in this case, even minors who are filled in their parents’ Visa applications must have their own separate Visa applications submitted;
v. Once Visa application is submitted, no further changes may be done and effected to such applications. If for any reasons there will be some mismatch in information on the issued visa or flight changes which affects the arrival or departure date, the applicant will communicate this to the relevant immigration authority for guidance or assistance;
vi. Business Visa is not a substitute for Residence Permit. As such, it cannot be extended nor renewed while the holder is still in the country;
vii. Applicants of Multiple Visa who are not USA national are strongly advised to read carefully and observe requirements for each category of Multiple Visa as stipulated in the Visa Guidelines. Any application lacking required attachment(s) will be disqualified.
viii. Multiple Visa is not supposed to be used as a Residence Permit. The holder can stay at a maximum for 3 months in each visit. This does not mean that, a holder should be staying for 3 months, leave for a while and come back for another 3 months.
ix. Transit Visa is strictly for applicants who wish to pass through the United Republic of Tanzania to other countries and MUST be supported by onward ticket and Visa (If applicable) to such other country. Visiting Tanzania for tourism for few days does not warrant applicant to apply for Transit Visa.
x. All applicants (travellers) MUST show their return ticket upon arrival.
xi. Applicants whose countries fall under Referral Visa are advised to observe the Visa Procedure for Referral visa Category;