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7th JULY - the World Kiswahili LANGUAGE DAY

This first commemoration of the World Kiswahili language Day is held under the theme "Kiswahili for peace and prosperity" in cognizance with the role of the language in promoting an enviroment for tolerance, dialog and shared… Read More

Travel Advisory .

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Mhe Balozi Dkt Ramadhan Dau akutana na   Mhe Rusdi Kirana Balozi wa Indonesia .

Alhamisi tarehe 30 Januari 2020, Mhe Dkt Ramadhani Kitwana Dau, Balozi wa Tanzania nchini Malaysia ambaye pia anawakilisha Indonesia alimkabidhi Mhe Rusdi Kirana Balozi wa Indonesia nchini Malaysia Filamu za kutangaza utalii wa… Read More


Details for visitors on how to apply for a visa to the United Republic of Tanzania.

Tanzania Citizen Services

Emergency services, passport guidance, and benefits details for Tanzania citizens in Malaysia

Business Opportunities

Information on doing business, trade and investments in the Tanzania and in Malaysia