There are some countries which their nationals cannot obtain Visa on arrival. These countries fall under the so called Referral Visa Category. The list of these countries is available on our website (in the Visa Information Section), and may be reviewed from time to time

Applicants from this category MUST submit their Visa applications Online, and should wait until their applications are approved before starting their journey. These applicants are further advised to submit their applications at least 2 months before their travel date. Having an invitation letter or a request letter for visa from the Host is an added credibility of their application. This letter, if available MUST be uploaded in the Online Visa Application and NOT to be sent by email as a separate document. The letter may be uploaded separately or merged with the Itinerary of the Trip and uploaded in the Return ticket field.

If the Visa is approved, the holder MUST come with the actual return ticket upon arrival. If the Host wishes to write a request letter to support his guest’s application, the letter should be addressed to the Commissioner General of immigration, If the guest will visit mainland Tanzania, or addressed to Commissioner of Immigration, Zanzibar, if the guest will be visiting Zanzibar. If the guest wishes to visit both, then the address of the letter should regard the first destination.


  • Applicants whose nationals fall under this category are not advised to pay for flight tickets or make payments for any reservations in Tanzania before they get approval for their Visa.
  • Also, applicants under Referral Visa Category are Not advised to apply for Multiple Visa.
    Stateless persons and Refugees who hold Vienna Convention documents also fall under Referral Visa category, and are required observe the Referral Visa Category procedure indicated above.